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ON 15-03-2005.

Hon’ble Mr. Speaker and Hon’ble  Members, 

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the Tenth Session of the Eighth Manipur Legislative Assembly. At the outset, I take the privilege of wishing you all and the people of Manipur a very happy and prosperous New Year. 

My Government has been making serious efforts to improve the general law and order including the insurgency problem with the available State Police, Army, and other Central Para-Military forces so as to create a healthy atmosphere and sense of security in the minds of the people. Despite the sincere efforts made by the State Police, Army and other Para-Military forces to curb the unlawful activities of the insurgents, incidents of extortion, kidnapping for ransom, unauthorised collection of  taxes etc. however still continue. My Government believes in solving the problem of insurgency through peaceful means. Hence, I appeal to the insurgents to come forward, lay down arms and adopt democratic approach for resolution of their problems. My Government is committed to maintaining peace and protecting the territorial integrity of the State. 

1.        My Government is making serious efforts to improve the financial position of the State. The basic structural problem in the State's finances i.e. its non-plan expenditure exceeding the non-plan receipts by more than 100%, continued during the current year. This distortion in the State's finances has been primarily created by the lopsided award of the Eleventh Finance Commission which failed to take into consideration the liabilities on account of revision of pay scales of the State Government's employees based on the 5th Pay Commission's recommendation of the Government of India. Since the State's own resources constitute a very small component of its total non-plan receipts and most of the non-plan expenditure are inelastic in nature, the correction of the distortion created by the Eleventh Finance Commission is beyond the capacity of the State Government alone. As a result, the State has been seeking help from the Central Government to overcome this problem on year to year basis. During the current year, the State opened its account with a negative balance of Rs. 609 crores. The Central Government had been kind enough to provide a medium term loan of equal amount to wipe out the opening deficit.  They also extended Special Ways and Means Advances to the State to get over our liquidity problem. As such, even though the basic problem remains the same, the State Government has succeeded in managing its resources much more efficiently and prudently. This has been possible with a better management of cash flows and prioritization of expenditure. As a result, the State Government released pay and allowances to its employees and discharged the liabilities on account of pension, debt servicing etc. regularly since August, 2004 till date. The State has also succeeded in achieving substantial progress in its plan expenditure upto February, 2005 which normally used to take place at the fag end of the financial year i.e. in March. This has improved the quality of plan expenditure and implementation of plan schemes. 

The recommendation of the Twelfth Finance Commission, it is hoped, will mitigate the basic financial problem of the State to a large extent. However, the problem does not get resolved completely. As such, there is a need to continue with the various steps initiated by the Government for economizing expenditure and realizing higher revenues. The Value Added Tax will be enforced from April, 1 2005 as is being done in other parts of the country. In the long run this will provide a more simple, transparent and efficient tax regime.  

2.           The allocation of Annual Plan 2005-06 has been fixed at Rs. 915 crores and Includes Rs. 335 crores for the Reconstruction Plan for Manipur. The Annual Plan 2005-06 has increased by Rs. 127.28 crores over the Annual Plan of the current year registering an increase of 16.16%. The sectoral allocation for Annual Plan 2005­06 has laid emphasis on poverty alleviation programmes, income generating activities, generation of employment, agriculture and allied sectors, development of rural infrastructure, development of urban amenities, road connectivity, system improvement in the power sector, completion of ongoing irrigation projects, rural water supply and social services sectors. In order to raise additional funds from the Government of India, the state matching contributions for various CSS programmes, for both backlog and current state contribution, have been provided. 

         The Annual Plan allocation for 2005-06 includes Rs. 335 crores under the Reconstruction Plan for six projects namely - Conversion of Manipur University into a Central University for Rs. 50.11 crores, Construction of State Capital Project for Rs. 150 crores, Development of District and Additional District Headquarters for Rs. 48 crores, Special Employment Generation Programme for Rs. 70 crores, Upgradation of roads from State Capital to District Headquarters for Rs. 8.92 crores and Upgradation of roads from District headquarters to Sub-divisional Headquarters for Rs. 7.97 crores.

3.           The State Police continue to be under pressure due to the activities of various underground outfits whose operations pose serious challenges for the law and order in the State, both the hill and the valley. The insurgency scenario is all the more complicated now as insurgent groups, irrespective of their various ideological goals, use insurgency as a tool for earning quick and easy money. The increased use of IEDs by them is a serious challenge to the Government. Apart from the direct confrontation with the insurgents and their subversive acts, the police also had to deal with other law and order problems as well as VIP security. The quick response mechanism, alertness of Police forces and well directed Counter Insurgency Operations have been able to effectively tackle the various threats. There has been qualitative improvement in the security environment, specially in the Valley areas. The overall security scenario though improving continues to be sensitive. 

Despite constraints just mentioned, my Government has kept the law and order situation under control. The state Police, with the help of the Security Forces has also been able to contain the activities of the UGs to a great extent. The thrust areas in the counter-insurgency operations continues to be neutralization of UG groups and security of vital installations. Due to intensive counter-insurgency operations in the valley areas, many of the UG members have fled to the hill districts or the foothills. Even in the hills, the area domination by Police/SF is on the increase and the build-up of bases and camps of UGs in Churachandpur and Chandel Districts have been checked to a great extent. During the period, 773 extremists belonging to various UG outfits were arrested and 121 extremists killed, while157 assorted weapons were recovered from the extremists. 

3.1         Since its inception in 1981, State Vigilance Commission has been functioning as a watchdog of corruption, malpractices/misconduct, lack of integrity amongst the public servant(s) of the State. During the year, 2004, this Commission initiated 39 enquiries and disposed of 84 enquiries. Out of 84 disposed of enquiries 12 enquiries have been recommended for major/minor penalties and 6 cases converted into FIR cases. 9 FIR cases were disposed off, including Charge Sheeting of 5 FIR cases. 

4.           With an improvement in the law and order environment, the Public Works Department has taken up major works. During 2004-05, implementation has considerably improved and with additional funds provided by the Planning Commission and Central Government, major improvement works have been taken up. The original budgeted provision of Rs. 17.63 crores has also been enhanced to Rs. 86.60 crores for roads and bridges. 

Under the approved Annual Plan 2004-05, my Government has given special consideration to improve the roads connecting the District Head quarters not connected with the State Capital by the National Highways i.e., Pallel Chandel Road with Rs. 15.00 crores. Additional sum of Rs. 21.19 crores has also been provided to improve all roads connecting District Head-quarters with Sub-­Divisional Head-quarters and other important roads. An outlay of Rs.7 crores will also be utilized for improvement of important, internal roads at District and ADC headquarters. These works are in full swing. Further, a sum of Rs. 32.85 crores has also been provided under Crash programme for improvement of all important roads and are nearing completion. With these works, the road connectivity of the State will be improved considerably, during the year. 

Further NEC has also provided maintenance fund for old NEC roads. In NH sector improvement of NH 150 from Churachandpur to Yaingangpokpi is in full swing. BRTF will shortly start work on Churachandpur-Aizawl portion of NH-150. The condition of the NH-39 has also improved considerably due to works taken up prior to the Indo- ASEAN Car Rally. Construction of Singjamei Bridge over Imphal river is in full swing with fund provided under NLCPR. Ministry for Development of NE Region, Govt. of India is expected to provide funds for constructions of six bridges i.e. (i) Lamlong Bridge, (ii) Keishamthong Bridge, (iii) Bridge over Khuga River at Kumbi, (iv) Bridge over Thoubal River near Leishangthem Bazar, (v) Bridge over Thoubal River near lrong Ichil and (vi) Bridge over Thoubal River near Thoubal Haokha during 2004-05 under NLCPR. Qualitative implementation and strict adherence to time-schedule for infrastructure projects will be a major focus of my Government. 

4.1        My Government has given emphasis to improving Government buildings in Districts and A.D.C. Headquarters with outlays of Rs. 3.00 crores during the current year and Rs. 35 crores in 2005-06 provided by the Planning Commission under reconstruction plan. Mini-Secretariats will be constructed at Thoubal and Imphal East during 2005-06. Further, emphasis has also been given to construction of Residential quarters in the hill districts and 15 quarters will be constructed during the current year. 

Due to efforts of my Government, the Government of India has agreed to provide financial assistance of Rs. 300 crores for construction of the State Capital Project consisting of Legislative Assembly, High Court and Secretariat. For the current year, Government of India has provided Rs. 50 crores for the construction of the State Legislative Assembly. In the year 2005-06, Rs. 150 crores has been provided in the Annual Plan for construction of the High Court and the Secretariat. Steps for implementation of the different components of the Capital Project have been initiated. 

5.           My Government recognizes that in this technology age, electricity plays an important role for sustained economic growth and in improving the quality of life. At present, the power supply in Manipur depends on the Central Sector Generating Stations located in the N.E. Region. Therefore, the State Government has given priority to the Generation Schemes. The State is endowed with abundant hydro power potential and my Government is determined to construct its own power plants to make up the shortages of supply from the Central Sector Power Projects. Investigation of 60MW capacity Irang Hydro Electric Project and 51 MW Capacity Tuivai Hydro Electric Project are underway. My Government is also constantly pursuing with the Central Government to start construction of 1500 MW Tipaimukh Multipurpose Project and 90 MW Loktak Down Stream Hydro Electric Project and to achieve the target for electrification of all household by 2012. 

Total electrification of villages is targeted to be achieved by the end of 2007. To achieve this goal of electrification of far flung villages in remote areas, 33/11 KV Transmission Sub-Stations at Moreh and Saikul were commissioned recently and construction works for 33/11 KV Sub-Stations at Maram, Noney, Tousem, Singhat and 132/33 KV Sub-Stations at Kongba and Rengpang have been started. Considering the need for improvement of the existing sub-transmission systems in the Greater Imphal Area, Thoubal, Bishnupur and Churachandpur District Headquarters, four System Improvement schemes have l1een sanctioned under Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme and will be taken up soon. 

Commercial loss of Power is a major concern and this cannot be reduced to reasonable level unless and until all the consumers are provided with good Energy Meters. Consumers in Imphal Electrical Division-II have been fully provided with Energy Meters. A revised target is set to provide energy meters to all the consumers in the State by September, 2005 with priorities being given to the consumers in the Greater Imphal Area where the incidence of Power loss is very high. Two Special Courts have been constituted under the Electricity Act, 2003 for speedy trial of offences relating to the theft of electricity, electric lines and materials, tampering with meters, negligently wasting electricity etc. This will strengthen the hands of the government machinery in checking the commercial loss of Power. 

6.           The present drinking water demand for Imphal City and its suburbs has been assessed at 109 MLD against the present installed capacity of 83.03 MLD under various water treatment plants for Imphal city. However, the actual availability is about 70.00 MLD owing to various factors such as inadequate power supply, ageing of some of the treatment plants! machineries, etc. 

In order to bridge the gap between demand and supply, the Public Health Engineering department has taken up the project "Augmentation of Water Supply for Imphal City, Phase-I(29.50 MLD)" at an estimated cost of Rs. 4328.55 lakh under NLCPR consisting of five projects namely Kangchup ( 9 MLD completed in 2000), replacement of pipeline from Leimakhong to Kangchup and Kangchup to Iroisemba (Completed in January, 2005), Irilbung (6.81 MLD) Canchipur (6.81 MLD) (works in good progress with completion Target in December 2005) and Potsangbam (6.81 MLD) ( being taken up during 2005). 

In addition to this, improvement works of existing Ningthempukhri and Chinga Water Supply Schemes have also been taken up under 10% earmarked fund for North-Eastern States funded by the Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India. 

And in order to improve the existing distribution system, laying of additional pipelines, construction of Zonal reservoirs and overhead tanks at important locations of the Imphal City, have also been taken up. The construction of overhead tank (5.00 lakh litres) near the Assembly Secretariat is targeted for completion during March, 2005. 

There are 35 other towns in the State of Manipur having a total population of 3.79 lakhs as per 2001 census. Out of the 35 towns, my Government has taken up schemes in 24 towns to bring the supply level to the urban standard of 70 liters per capita per day (Ipcd) from the existing rural standard of 40 Ipcd. under Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme. So far upgradation of water supply for 6 towns has been achieved and 5 more towns are being covered during March, 2005 and 13 schemes are in progress. Two schemes have been submitted to the Govt. of India and likely to be sanctioned during March, 2005. 

In order to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to the rural people of the State, my Government has taken various rural schemes under PMGY and Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme. 

As per survey conducted in November/December, 2004, out of the 2873 habitations/villages in the State, 619 habitations have been fully covered, 1359  habitations are partly covered and 895 habitations are found not covered. During the current year, 2004-05, it is targeted to cover 100 habitations (50 under State Plan and 50 under ARWSP). In addition, 60 schools will be covered with safe drinking water supply during the current year 2004-05. The achievement upto December 2004 is 30 habitations. 

Further, to improve the sanitary condition of the villages of the State, a pilot project has been taken up under Total Sanitation Campaign in Imphal West, Imphal East, Thoubal and Bishnupur districts. Under this programme, five Nos. of Rural Sanitation Mart/production Centers have been established and 300 Nos. of individual household latrines, 7 Nos. of Women Sanitary Complexes and 107 Nos. of Sanitary latrines for lower primary schools have been constructed during 2004-05 in Imphal West district. 

Augmentation of Water Supply Schemes for five hill district headquarters are also taken up under NLCPR and targeted to be completed during September, 2005 to March 2006. Further, six other water supply schemes at Mao, Maram, Tadubi, Kangpokpi, Saikul and Noney have also been sanctioned by the Govt. of India under NLCPR and are being taken up during 2005. In addition, Waithoupat Water Supply Scheme in Thoubal District is likely to be sanctioned soon.  

7.           The Agriculture Department has been implementing six Centrally Sponsored Schemes during 2004-05 namely, Macro Management Mode of Agriculture, Women in Agriculture, Agriculture Census, Development of Industrial Implements including Horticulture Equipment and their Trials at Farmers Field, All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project (AICWIP), and All India Coordinated Wheat Improvement Project (AICWIP), for which Government of India released a sum of Rs. 426.14 lakhs during the year 2004-05 including the unspent balance of Rs. 8.18 lakhs for the year 2003­04. Out of the released amount, the department had already implemented schemes involving Rs. 371.24 lakhs. 

The Department had also conducted training on Soil Testing, Farmers' Training on Crops Production Technology, Off Campus Training during 2004-05 upto the end of January, 2005. A Zonal Conference on Agricultural Inputs for North Eastern States on 10th Feb. 2005 at Central Agriculture University, Iroisemba, Imphal was also organised. 

Under Macro Management Mode of Agriculture Scheme, 25 Power Tillers and 10 Tractors will be distributed at subsidized rate before the forthcoming main Kharif Season, 2005. The Department had already distributed 720 numbers of Sprayers to farmers of the State at subsidized rate. 

8.           With a view to tap the large potential available for development of Horticulture in the State, Department of Horticulture & Soil Conservation continue to take up area expansion programme of plantation of Fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Mushroom, Flowers and Medicinal & Aromatic plants. Department also continues to implement watershed Development Projects to take up measures to conserve moisture and fertility of the soil. 

During the year, 2004-05, a total of 3200 ha. has been treated under Watershed Development Projects in Shifting Cultivation Areas and in the Rainfed Areas Watershed Projects. Department has also taken up area expansion programme of plantation of fruits like Orange, Lime, Pineapple and Passion fruits and has covered 2800 ha. Another area of 300 ha. has been taken up under Vegetable development programme. 

A State level Orange Festival at Tamenglong District Headquarters and a District Level Lemon Festival at Kachai village, Ukhrul District have been organised respectively during December, 2004 and February, 2005 with the aim of improving Orange & Lemon cultivation in the State. 

9.            My Government is committed to give priority to the development of Cattle and Buffalo Breeding Programmes under the Manipur Livestock Development Board. The Department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry has formulated and adopted "State Breeding Policy, 2004 for development of Cattle and Buffalo in Manipur". 

The construction of First Phase State Veterinary Hospital at Sanjenthong has been completed. For modernization of the hospital, modern diagnostic facilities, X-ray machine and other equipment will be procured very soon. Disease Investigation Laboratory of this department has been strengthened with the installation of the sophisticated machines. 

Report of 17th Quinquennial Livestock Census has been successfully brought out during 2004 and the same has been submitted to the Centre. 

9.1         Fish Farmers Day, Fish Fair-cum-Fish Crop Competition, Workshops, training and seminars were held during the year with a view to encourage the farmers and update their knowledge. A total of 714 _ fish farmers were given financial assistance and 4320 were trained in fish culture technology under the FFDAs so far. Under a CSS scheme, 382 houses, 12 community tanks and one community hall were constructed for fish farmers. 

10.        The Community and other ,Rural Development programme like Poverty Alleviation, Employment Generation and Rural Housing, the schemes of SGSY, SGAY and lAY are implemented with funds provided by the Government of India and the State Poverty Alleviation Programme of SGSY is implemented with a total fund of Rs.1320.21 lakhs of which the State matching contribution is Rs. 401.85 lakhs. The total fund earmarked for Employment Generation Scheme under SGRY is As. 2172.42 lakhs inclusive of State contribution of 724.14 lakhs with a targeted employment generation of approximately 37.651akhs mandays and under the Rural Housing, a target of 5500 families are expected to be covered with a financial allocation of Rs. 1263.97 of which the State contribution is As. 421.32 lakhs. 

The- targeted amount of MLALADP is Rs. 18.00 crores of which a sum of Rs. 12.00 crores has been released. 

11.         In the Forest Sector, my Government has- taken up successfully all afforestation, soil & water conservation programmes. During the year 2004-05, upto January final plantation covering an area of 450 hectares was achieved. Creation of nursery and advance work for 210 hectares was also taken up under the scheme. Under the Rehabilitation of Jhumias under Soil and Water Conservation, final plantation over 48 hectares was carried out. Nursery and Advance work over 48 hectares was completed. Field enumeration, survey and preparation of Working Plan maps, Submission of draft Working Plan (Final) for Tengnoupal Forest Division, Chandel District and Eastern Forest Division, Ukhrul and Printing of Working Plan were completed and approved for implementation. 

Maintenance of 585 hectares of Ninth Plan Social Forestry plantations was done. Creation of nursery and Advance work over 415 hectares was achieved during the year. Roadside plantation was carried out covering 931.50 metres at Manipur University Gate along NH 39 on the eve of the Hon'ble Prime Minister's visit. Restocking of economically important species was carried out in the Reserved Forest area of the State. Final plantation was carried out over 85 ha. of Reserved Forest Area. Nursery and Advance work over 210 ha. was also carried out. Repairing and renovation were carried out in the Zoological Garden, lroisemba and National Park, Keibul Lamjao including eradication of undesirable species. 

Keeping the need for conservation of Loktak lake on high priority, my Government have prepared "Integrated Management and Development of Loktak Lake Project" with an estimated cost of Rs. 38 crores to be funded by NEC. The detailed Project Report has been submitted to the Planning Commission which is expected to be cleared soon. 

12.         My Government is committed to development of irrigation and multipurpose project for creation of irrigation facilities, water supply facilities & development of power generation and management of flood problems in the State. 

               Khuga, Thoubal and Dolaithabi Projects are in progress. Khuga Project is targeted for completion in 2006, Thoubal & Dolaithabi Projects in 2008. On completion of these projects, additional irrigation potential of 51 ,690 ha. water supply facility of 15.00 MGD and hydro power of 9.25 MW (installed capacity) will accrue to the State. 

One regional irrigation project viz, Regional Jiri Irrigation Project is planned for taking up at Jiribam, Manipur in the Xth Plan with funding by NEC. The project will create irrigation potential of 3,415 ha. in Manipur and 6,360 ha. in Assam. The project has been included in the Xth Plan of NEC with an outlay of As. 30.00 crores. The project will be taken up as soon as investment clearance is given by the Planning Commission. 

Investigations for construction of dams on Chakpi, Iril and Sekmai rivers etc. under State Water Development Programme and Diversion of Chakpi basin water to Loktak lake with funding by NEC are in advanced stage and the projects are proposed be taken up during the Xth Plan. 

12.1       The flood control works in the State consisting improvement of river embankments, drainage systems, anti erosion, implementation of flood control projects etc. Flood control projects such as Merakhong Project, Nambul river project phase-I & II, Wangjing river project, Waishel Drainage Scheme etc. have been taken up. 

New flood control projects for Nambul river (Phase-III & IV), Govindsena, Iril river, Kongba river, Thoubal river, Arong river, Maramba Maril, Naga Nallah, Nambol river, diversion of part of Nambul river water to Merakhong river are under consideration. In addition, Chakpi river diversion project and Chandranadi drainage scheme are planned for taking up in the Xth Plan. A flood control master plan for the state integrating all the ongoing & new projects is under preparation by WAPCOS. 

12.2      The Department of Minor Irrigation along with other Departments suffered due to difficult financial position of the State. With the easing of the financial difficulties, the Department had taken up steps to complete the AIBP (108) schemes during the current financial year. A Central Loan Assistance Provision of As. 3.00 crores was provided for the AIBP (188) schemes. Fresh proposal was submitted for assistance under AIBP. The NABARD assisted AIDF-VI Project could not make much headway due to the non-release of funds by the NABARD. The matter is followed up for early release of funds to avoid and cost overrun. 

13.         The Targeted Public Distribution System is the most important constituent of the strategy for food security taken up by the FCS Department to the best advantage of the beneficiaries with utmost transparency and efficiency. At present TPDS rice, levy sugar and TPDS wheat are procured and distributed through the network of Fair Price Shops, Rationing Agents as well as Mobile sale. For successful implementation of various schemes and to streamline the existing TPDS, various measures are successfully taken up by my Government. 

During this period, construction of one godown of 500 ton capacity at Lamlai is nearing completion. Another godown of 400 ton capacity at Moreh is under construction. Improvement of 6(six) godowns at Sangaiprou and Koirengei are taken up. Two godowns at Porompat and Jiribam will be constructed in 2005-06. 

14.       My Government has given special thrust on universalisation of Elementary Education in the State. Implementation of the schemes under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan has been started from the current year after completion of the pre-project activities during the last two years. With the release of a sum of Rs. 17.25 crores as Central assistance by the Central Government and Rs. 3.68 crores as State share, the programme is now under implementation. 

Cooked food under Mid Day Meal Programme has been provided to the students of Primary Schools upto Class-V from 14th November, 2004 onwards. A sum of Rs. 3.65 crores has been released by the State Government for implementation of the programme. Rice is given free of cost by the Central Government. 

My Government is committed to strengthen infrastructure of the schools. Construction of two additional class rooms of 98 Primary and Elementary Schools, 81 sanitary toilets and repairing of 61 school buildings with Rs. 4.50 crores under PMGY have been taken up. Construction of three class rooms each in 18 Junior High schools with Rs. 100.00 lakhs under 11th Finance Commission's Award is going on. 

My Government has planned to create infrastructure and other amenities such as libraries, Science laboratories, equipments etc. of 15 High/Higher Secondary Schools at the rate of Rs. 2.00 crores per school under Additional Central Assistance during the current year. 

Under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Restructuring and Reorganisation of Teacher Education, 8- District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs) are in operation and a new DIET for the Imphal East District is being proposed to be established. The scheme of Integrated Education for Disabled Children (lEDC) under the CSS is implemented in 8 CD/TD Blocks of the State with a total enrolment of 1200 children with disabilities reading in different schools under these 8 Blocks. 

14.1      My Government has taken up important initiatives to improve Higher Education in Manipur in the following manner: 

(i)         Infrastructure of 14 Government Colleges- 5 in the hill districts and 9 in the valley districts- will be upgraded with Additional Central Assistance of Rs. 18 crores in the current year. In addition a sum of Rs. 628.21 lakhs has been sanctioned from Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources of the Government of India for development of infrastructure of Colleges and Manipur University. 

(ii)        To promote e-learning, Internet connectivity would be provided to all the Government Colleges and the Directorate of Higher Education. 

(iii)       To make the teachers computer literate and well equipped for teaching subjects like mathematics, commerce and zoology, in­service trainings on computer application and programming are being imparted to 200 College teachers. 

(iv)       Libraries and Science Laboratories of the Government Colleges are being strengthened with an investment of Rs.178.00 lakhs under the State Plan. 

(v)       To facilitate integration of the Manipur Institute of Technology with the Manipur University after its conversion into a Central University, academic building of the Institute will be constructed at Canchipur at a cost of As. 745.25 lakhs. 

I am happy to place on record my Government's appreciation of the Hon'ble Prime Minister's kind gesture and his announcement during his last visit to Manipur, that the Manipur University would be converted into a Central University with the Manipur Institute of Technology as a constituent College of the new Central University. To give effect to the Prime Minister's commitment, the Planning Commission has agreed to provide assistance of As. 27.04 crores for recurring expenses and As. 48.92 crores for creation and upgradation of infrastructure of the University, during the years 2004-05, 2005-06 and 2006-07. 

14.2    Manipur Science Centre is being set up at Takyelpat with the help of National Council of Science Museum, Kolkata at a cost of As. 2.00 crores. The center is being set up for popularization of science and will be commissioned soon. 

With the aim to generate employment in the IT sector, a Software Technology Park of India has been set up at Mantripukhri in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt. of India. The park has started functioning. 

15.    The long standing dream of the people of Manipur was fulfilled when the Kangla Fort was handed over to the people of Manipur by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India during his visit to Imphal on 20th November, 2004. My Government has taken steps to preserve and develop Kangla. The Kangla Fort Act, 2004 has been enacted to secure its assets and management in line with the aspirations of the people. The Kangla Fort will be developed by conserving the temples of Shri Shri Govindajee, Beithob and constructing Ibudhou Pakhangba Temple. Steps have been taken for the preservation and protection of the Kangla Fort. 

The Hiyang Hiren, the Royal Boat has been renovated by applying the traditional method of conservation. The newly constructed Museum of INA Memorial Complex at Moirang was inaugurated in January 2005. 

Construction of District Libraries in five Hill Districts and two Valley Districts are in progress. This will expand Library services in all Hill and Valley Districts. 

16.       The Department of Youth Affairs and Sports organised Youth Festivals at District & State Level and about 2500 youth participated in these festivals. The state team comprising 72 members participated in the National Level Youth Festival, 2005 at Hyderabad. 

Regular Coaching programmes under the theme "CATCH THEM YOUNG" were conducted in which about 3000 players were trained in 21 disciplines in the last one year. 21 days Non- Residential Coaching Camps in all the Districts and the Sub-Divisions were also conducted. 

Tournaments at District and State Levels in various disciplines under the aegis of School Games Federation of India were conducted. Department also sponsored state teams for national level tournaments like the Subroto Mukerjee Football, the J.N. Hockey and the Inter School Games. 

My Government proposes to set up a National Sports Academy at the Khuman Lampak Sports Complex in Imphal. The "Khuman Lampak Sports Complex  Maintenance and Development Committee", headed by the Chief Secretary, Manipur has been set up. This Committee will ensure proper and regular maintenance of the existing facilities in the Complex and develop new infrastructure in the Sports Complex. 

17.         My Government is committed to update the Land Records in the State. There are 621 surveyed villages in the State including 30 villages in the Hill Districts. The last Survey & Settlement Operation was held during the period 1959 to 1983. Resurvey Operations have been taken up with a view to updating the land records. So far resurvey operations have been completed in respect of 59 villages of Thoubal District. At present 138 villages of Imphal East, Imphal West, Thoubal and Chandel Districts are under resurvey operation of which 100 villages are scheduled to be completed during the year 2005. 

My Government also released a sum of Rs. 75.00 lacs for Computerization of Land Records in the 5 Hill Districts of the State which is a 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme. 

18.       My Government is aware that the HIV/AIDS is a major health concern in the State. Accordingly the State AIDS Control Society is gearing up to face this new challenge. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has recently launched Project ORCHID covering Manipur and Nagaland to supplement the efforts of the State Government. 

My Government is now giving special emphasis to strengthening of medical infrastructure by sourcing additional funds from DoNER and NEC. Government of India has sanctioned Rs.149.92 lakhs for upgradation of Emergency & Accident Services of J.N. Hospital. Construction of Trauma Centre is at an advanced stage. Construction of a 100 bedded hospital at Thoubal costing about Rs. 24.00 crores with funding by the Urban. Development Ministry is being started. 

DoNER has retained schemes for Rs. 826.70 lakhs for strengthening of health equipment of the District Hospitals and 5 CHCs in the State. 

The NEC has approved schemes worth Rs.13.55 crores for strengthening of J.N. Hospital, District Hospital, Churachandpur and for construction of a Nursing School with Hostel, during 2004-05. The State obtained ACA of Rs. 2.00 crores for improvement of the District Hospitals in the hills and the scheme is nearing completion. 

Construction of a Health Centre at Moreh under BADP has been completed. The construction of a 50 bedded Mental Hospital at Chingmeirong has started during January, 2005. 

18.1       The package of services under Family Welfare Programme are being provided at Sub-centers, Primary Health Centers/Rural Family Welfare Centers (RFWCs) Community Health Centers and District Hospitals. 

19.         The Department of Social Welfare will cover 16,700 new beneficiaries under the Manipur Old Age Pension Scheme to bring the total number of beneficiaries to 26,900. Under the National Old Age Pension Scheme, Pension at the rate of Rs.75 per month is being paid to 43,621 pensioners, including 8,580 new pensioners. Under the National Family Benefit Scheme assistance is being given to 2256 families at the rate of Rs. 10,000 per family. Supplementary nutrition is provided to 2,59,329 children and pregnant/lactating mothers under ICDS Scheme. 

                Construction of two hostels for Govt. Ideal Blind School, one each for boys and girls at a cost of Rs.157.50 lakhs provided 4nder one time ACA and construction of two hostels for Govt. Deaf & Mute School, one each for boys and girls, at a cost of Rs.157.50 lakhs provided under one time ACA are being taken up in the current year. 

20.     The Department of Commerce and Industries, Manipur is continuing with its efforts for promotion and development of industries & minerals and border trade in Manipur. To upgrade skills, 602 persons are undergoing training in various trades in various training centers of the department. Out of the 602 trainees, 373 are under SSI, 162 under Handloom and 67 under Handicrafts. 

The Department has sponsored 1542 numbers of educated un-employed youths of the State to various participating banks for loan and grant for establishing their self employment venture under PMRY against the annual target of 1500. The banks have sanctioned 191 cases. 

A sum of Rs. 110.79 lakhs was sanctioned for financial assistance to 59 Primary Weavers Cooperative Societies (PWCS) as Central Share Grant under the Deen Dayal Hathkargha Protsahan Yojna. Sanction for financial assistance to 14 projects and 9 projects as state share grant under Project Package and Integrated Handloom Village Development Project respectively is being taken up. 

Under the Food Processing Sector, a Food Processing Training Center at Porompat established with the assistance of the Government of India was inaugurated. Under Modernisation of Rice Mill Programme, 100 numbers of Huller and polisher machines were distributed to the selected beneficiaries with assistance from the Government of India. The Department have granted permission to 50 units for establishment of factory and issued licenses to 25 units under Factories Act. 

NEC has sanctioned an amount of Rs. 50.00 lakhs for Bamboo Plantation/ Research & Development on bamboo-based products in Manipur. 

20.1   The Externally Aided Manipur Sericulture Project faced some difficulties and these are being resolved in consultation with the Ministry of Textiles and Department of Economic Affairs, Government of India. It is expected that the implementation of this Project will resume shortly. Training in Tasar Sector is under implementation under the Catalytic Development Scheme. 

21.    The Transport Department have so far collected a sum of Rs. 3.20 crores against the target of Rs. 5.17 crores for the current year as Taxes on Vehicles, Goods and Passengers during the current year upto 31-1-2005. Four Bus waiting sheds with urinals have been constructed during INDIA-ASEAN Car Rally 2004 and six more waiting sheds would be constructed under Way Side Amenities Scheme by the end of the current financial year. Two more sets of Smoke Meters and Gas Analyzers - Pollution Testing equipment would be installed in two District Transport Offices for tightening pollution control measure. High Security Registration Plate System will be implemented shortly. 

22.   My Government is making special efforts to upgrade urban roads and marketing infrastructure in the State. As a step in this direction, MAHUD is undertaking construction of B.T. Road Flyover, Thoubal Markets - A & B and Retaining Wall at Thoubal Market - A with 100% Central assistance from the Ministry of Urban Development. The construction of the B.T. Road Flyover is under good progress and is expected to be completed by June, 2005. The construction of Thoubal Markets - A&B and Retaining Wall at Thoubal Market A is also going to be started very soon. 

The Department is also undertaking construction of Ima Market, New Market, Lakshmi Market, Jiribam Market and Market-cum-Multi-Utility Centre at Wangjing with 100% Central assistance from the Ministry of Urban Employment & Poverty Alleviation. The construction of these markets is going to be started soon by National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd. 

Government has also approached the Ministry of Urban Development to consider sanctioning other priority projects namely Solid Waste Management Scheme at Imphal city, construction of Flyover at Keishampat, construction of 2nd Khwai Bridge plus Pedestrian Sub-way at Samu Makhong (Ima Market) during 2005-06. Similarly, the MAHUD would also be submitting proposal for construction of a Market Complex at the Old District Hospital site to the Ministry of Urban Employment & Poverty Alleviation for consideration during 2005-06. 

MAHUD is taking up further augmentation of the Street Lighting in the District and ADC Headquarters in the State with Rs. 2.00 crores during the current year 2004-05. 

23.     With a view to maintain better relationship between the State Government and the public, the Department of Information and Public Relations has prepared a composite Plan at a cost of Rs. 66.70 lakhs for extensive flow of information from the State Government to the people. A website will be launched and all District Information Offices will be computerized so that the people in the interior and hill areas are kept informed about the Government's programmes and policies. 

23.1     My Government is aware that tourism today has emerged as the most dynamic industry in the world. It has also been recognized as the major source of income and employment. Besides, it is an excellent instrument for promotion of National integration, International understanding, friendship and peaceful co-existence. 

Compared with her other counter parts, Manipur Tourism is still lagging behind though the fact remains that Manipur has immense potential for development of Tourism because of her gifted beautiful landscape, flora and fauna, varied culture and people. 

The overall tourist scenario is encouraging as a record of 61,419 domestic tourist and 157 foreigners visited the state during the year. The Government is also actively pursuing the lifting of PAP and inner line permit which have hindered the inflow of tourist. It is now the endeavour of the Department to work more on publicity and promotion of tourism with NEC funding and assistance. Also the Department is working to give face lift to the existing tourist homes like Moirang, Moreh, Ukhrul and Jiribam under the State Plan. 

Under Central Plan Scheme two Projects have been prioritized for the year 2004-05 Le. construction of two Tourist Homes one at Shiroy and another at Tengnoupal. 

The first Winter Tourism Festival 2005 was organised at Ningthoukhong, Bishnupur District from 14th to 16th of January, 2005. 

24.   The Directorate of Economics & Statistics has been acting as Nodal Agency for all statistical activities. The Directorate of Economics and Statistics is responsible for coordinating the statistical activities and maintaining statistical standards providing consultancy and advisory supports to other statistical agencies. It has conducted Household Demographic Survey under the aegis of Home Department; Socio­Economic Survey of Meitei-Pangals (Manipuri Muslims) under the aegis of the Department of Minorities and Other Backward Classes, Government of Manipur and Surveys on (i) Consumer Expenditure and (ii) Employment and Unemployment under National Sample Survey Programme. 

25.   The Department of Cooperation has been implementing various schemes/ projects with the financial assistance from the Central Government under CSS, State Plan, NCDC, NABARD, LlC, HUDCO etc. to generate economic growth of the Urban and Rural people and strengthen the Cooperative Movement in the state. 

A Cooperative Mela in connection with the Centenary Celebration of Indian Cooperative Movement for revival of cooperative movement in the State was organized from 18th to 28th February, 2005. 

26.      The 14th Lok Sabha Elections, 2004 in respect of 2(two) Parliamentary Constituencies of Manipur State was successfully conducted with the use of EVMs and as per the directions of the Election Commission of' India. Bye-Election to 18-Konthoujam Assembly Constituency was also successfully conducted on 13th October, 2004. 

27.         The Department for Development of Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Castes has taken up the scheme for socio-economic development of the SC and ST through implementation of various development programmes as well as for preservation of rich cultural heritage. During the current year, the Department is assisting 1407 ST families and 54 SC families under various family development programmes. In addition, 750 families have been assisted for medical treatment. Post-matric scholarship has been given to 18244 ST and 1300 SC students. The Department is also taking up 44 inter-village roads, 25 bridges, 65 community halls and 18 buildings. My Government is also taking up the construction of a Tribal Market at Imphal at a cost of Rs. 3 crores for which the work has been initiated. 

27.1   My Government has given special emphasis on socio-economic development of Minorities and Other Backward Classes. For the year 2004-05 the target is 3914 beneficiaries belonging to both Minorities and OBC communities and a sum of Rs. 391.00 lakhs is proposed for this programme. Target for the year 2004-05 is 4393 beneficiaries. 

There is a continuing programme to award scholarship to OBC students who are studying both inside and outside the state. 26,833 nos. of students may benefit from the award of Post-matric Scholarship. 

5(five) Pre-Examination Coaching Centres have been opened for weaker sections based on economic criteria including Minorities (CSS). 

The Manipur State Minorities Commission (One Man Commission) was constituted on 20-12-2004 by an Executive Orders for protecting and safeguarding the interest of Minorities in the State. 

The Department has set up an autonomous body called MINORITIES AND OTHER BACKWARD CLASSES ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY in order to facilitate and channelise the funds from National/International funding agencies for taking up various Socio-Economic Development activities of Minorities and OBC communities. 

Medical treatment and Housing Scheme for the BPL families have been introduced in the year 2004-05 with an allocation of Rs. 5.00 lakhs each. A Muslim Girls Hostel is being set up under State Plan during the current year and Rs. 20 lakhs has been provided for the same. 

28.        My Government is conscious of the existing unemployment among educated and uneducated youth in the State. These young persons are our valuable and productive assets. At present our State is having about 4.5 lakhs unemployed youth on the live Registers of all the Employment Exchanges. To provide employment to these unemployed youth, my Government has launched a Special Employment Generation Programme (SEGP) from the current year for which the detailed guidelines have been formulated and notifications inviting applications have been issued. The SEGP will be implemented by involving the Deputy Commissioners and line Departments and through the Manipur State Cooperative Bank. In the current year, Rs. 30 crores have been provided and in the next year, Rs. 70 crores have been earmarked. For the year 2006-07, Rs. 50 crores have been earmarked. The total outlay of Rs. 150 crores over these three years is expected to provide direct employment to about 15000 persons in the State. 

Hon'ble Speaker and Hon'ble Members of the House, while addressing the First Session of the New Year, I have presented before you, the highlights of some of the achievements and activities of my Government during the last one year, important on-going Projects and Programmes, and the policy, perspective and programmes that my Government proposes to implement during the coming year(s). I wish to conclude by re-iterating that my Government is committed to the maintenance of peace and create conditions favourable for rapid socio-economic development of my people. I hope that my Government will receive full cooperation of all the Honourable Members of this august House and the people of Manipur in this endeavour. 

I now, with all my best wishes, leave you to your deliberations.




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