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ON 22-02-2006.

Hon’ble Mr.Speaker and Hon’ble Members

1.         I deem it a privilege to welcome you to this Thirteenth Session of the Eighth Manipur Legislative Assembly. Before proceeding further, I take the privilege to wish you and the people of Manipur a very prosperous New Year. 

1.1. The severe financial crisis coupled with the internal conflicts faced by the State during the preceding years have remained a matter of serious concern of my Government although, of late, the situation has eased out due to the sincere efforts of the Government and the sympathetic consideration of the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India towards the developmental needs of the State.

1.2        I would like to reiterate that my Government believes in solving the problems of conflicts through peaceful means and once again appeal to the youth who have taken up arms against the Government to come forward, lay down arms and adopt democratic and peaceful means for resolution of the problems.

1.3       My Government reaffirms that it is fully committed to maintaining peace and protecting the territorial integrity of the State.

2.         The Finances of the State have considerably improved in the last one year with the level of devolution of funds to the State Government enhanced on the recommendations of the 12th Finance Commission though the grants are not entirely commensurate with the requirements. While the burden of past indebtedness continues to weigh us down there is a distinct improvement in the flow of resources and their utilization. It has been the effort of my Government to use the improved resource flows with restraint. As a result, the State Govt. has been able to avoid serious financial crisis that was noticed in previous years.

2.1       The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act was passed in 2005. With this it will now be possible for the Legislature to monitor the financial health of the State periodically and ensure discipline in the use of resources. With this enactment, the way has now been cleared for the Government of India to consolidate the State's debt liabilities and-reschedule the debt repayments over a longer period which may improve our finances in the ensuing years.

2.2.       In order to modernise the taxation administration and other organs of financial management in the State, the Value Added Tax has been introduced in the State from 1st July 2005 in line with similar steps taken in most of the other States of the country. The measure will contribute to improve the tax collections and also help check tax evasion. The National Mission Mode Project for improvement of the taxation administration in which the State Government will participate will further help this process. This is being supplemented by the streamlining of Treasury Administration. With the help of National Informatics Centre, computerization of six Treasuries has been undertaken in the first phase. This will not only help to automate the process in the treasuries but also make the process of budget formulation and expenditure control more transparent and efficient.

3.         Plan expenditure during the current year 2005-06 upto 31st December, 2005 is Rs. 704.25 crores i.e. 71.10%. Achievements under Reconstruction Plan include development of infrastructure for Manipur University, capital project, Special Employment Generation Scheme, Development of District/ADC Headquarters, upgradation of roads to District Headquarters.

3.1.      The Plan size of the State for Annual Plan 2006-07 has been finalized at Rs. 1160.00 crores against the approved outlay of Rs. 985.37 crores for Annual Plan 2005-06. The approved outlay for 2006-07 includes Rs.419.75 crores for important projects to be funded under Special Plan Assistance (SPA) including Rs.163.74 crores for Reconstruction Plan. Economic Services accounts for Rs.613.99 crores (52.93%), Social Services Rs.432.66 crores (37.30%), General Services Rs.112.46 crores (9.69%) and others Rs.0.90 crores (0.08%). Special emphasis is given on Upgradation of General Administration, Health, Education, Power, Road Communication, and Infrastructure in hill areas for which special provisions have been made under Special Plan Assistance in the State Plan. Specific projects include Construction of District Secretariat Offices for Bishnupur and all the five hill districts and ADC Offices at Kangpokpi, Jiribam and Moreh, Construction of Special Accommodations for Doctors, Nurses and other Medical Staff, Construction and Upgradation of School Infrastructure, Construction of ITI at Ukhrul, Strengthening of 132 KV and 33 KV Power Grid and Improving of Road Communication System in the remote hill areas.

3.2.      Implementation of projects under Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR) funding started in Manipur from the year 1998-99. Since then 56 projects costing Rs. 540.44 crores have been sanctioned by Ministry for Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) which has released Rs. 370.25 crores and 16 projects have so far been completed.

4.         As stated before, Manipur has been facing a difficult law and order situation, further compounded by a porous international border with Myanmar which enables easy infiltration and exfiltration by insurgents. A number of emotive issues have also led to violent, and disruptive agitations during 2005 due to competing social, economic and political interests among the various communities in the State. However, the State Police has been able to respond to these challenges and maintain public order.

4.1.      The State Police, with the help of Army, Assam Rifles. and Central paramilitary forces, have also been able to restrain the activities of the militants to a great extent. The thrust areas in the counter-insurgency operations remained neutralization of militant groups and security of vital installations. Even in the hills, the area domination by security forces has expanded and the build-up of bases and camps of militants in Churachandpur, Chandel and Tamenglong Districts have been dismantled to a considerable extent. Although there has been a qualitative improvement in the security environment in the State, the overall security scenario is still a matter of concern as the people in general continue to remain under constant threat from various militant groups operating in the State.

4.2.      During the year 2005, as many as 1019 extremists belonging to various militant outfits were arrested and 84 extremists killed, while 179 assorted weapons were recovered from the extremists along with 5508 assorted ammunition, 49 hand grenades, one Rocket Launcher, 76 Bombs, one lED, 249 detonators, 2,475 Kg of explosive materials and 32 W/T Sets. During this period, 151 persons including extremists belonging to various militant groups were detained under NSA and 25 extremists belonging to various militant outfits surrendered to the Government authority.

4.3.      It is also heartening that the strengthening and modernization of the Manipur Police has received priority. The 4th India Reserve Battalion (IRB) has been raised while the 5th and 6th IRBs are being raised. The financial support from the Central Government for police modernization (Rs. 21 crores this year) has picked up substantially. These initiatives have upgraded weaponry and improved mobility, equipments and communications. In actual terms, 2450 SLRs, 2000 AK- 47 Rifles, 230 INSAS Rifles, 50 - 9mm Pistols, 20- 51 mm Mortars and about 5 lakh assorted ammunition have been procured. Mobility has increased with the addition of 295 non-BP vehicles and 28 BP vehicles. Wireless communication has improved with addition of 963 wireless sets, installation of a Digital Trunking System and connectivity with District Headquarters under POL NET. Equipments procured in the form of bullet proof jackets, patkas, morchas, binoculars, explosive /mine/metal detectors have added to the fire power of the police. 17 Police Station Buildings, 4 District Police Office Buildings and 12 residential quarters have been added. Modernization of jails and upgradation of fire services has also been undertaken. All these initiatives will be sustained in the next fiscal year as well.

5.         Since 2004-05 large scale improvement works have been taken up by the Public Works Department.

5.1.      Programmes for improvement of roads connecting the State Capital with the District Headquarters, the District Headquarters, the District Headquarters with the Sub-divisional Headquarters and the internal roads in and around District Headquarters have been taken up during 2005-06.During 2006-07, there is a programme to improve a number of important roads giving special emphasis to the roads interconnecting district headquarters of hill districts.

5.2.      During the year, NEC has released a sum of Rs. 100.00 lakhs for maintenance of completed NEC roads and the work has started. Improvement and upgradation of Guite Road from Singhat to Sinzwal to Tuivai River (0-128 .14 Km) is being taken up while the improvement of Tamei-Tenning Road is in final stage. Rehabilitation work of the damaged bridge over Barak river on Tamei- Tenning Road has also been sanctioned.

5.3.      Improvement of NH-150 from Churachandpur to Yaingangpokpi is in good progress. The BRTF has also started improvement of NH-150 - Churachandpur Tipaimukh Section. The four laning of NH-39 for the portion from 311 km to 317 km is in full swing. Step for widening the road in the most congested part of the Imphal City i.e. from Singjamei to Krishnapremi Oil Station has been taken up. The double laning including improvement of NH-53 from Jiri to Barak Bridge is also in full swing and BRTF has assured that the road will be fully operational by March 2006. Steps to strengthen the two vital Bridges on Barak and Makru rivers would have also been taken up by BRTF with the cooperation of the State PWD.

5.4.      My Government has taken up works for improvement of 74 number of District Administration buildings during 2005-06 with Rs.35.00 crores under the Reconstruction Plan. Works for construction of Assembly complex has started at an approximate cost of Rs.162 crores. Necessary tenders for High Court and Secretariat complex buildings are also in the final stages of processing and works will be started shortly. The construction of Manipur Bhavan at Guwahati has been started with Rs. 3.00 crores provided under SPA.       

6.         Electricity is recognized as one of the key infrastructures required for sustained economic growth and for improving quality of life. The power supply of the State depends upon the Central Sector Generating Stations located in the North Eastern Region. The present peak demand of the State during evening peak and day time periods are 140 MW and 80 MW respectively.

6.1       Keeping in view the shortage of power in the State, my Government has given priority to construction of its own power plants. Investigations of Irang Hydro Electric Project with 60 MW capacity and Tuivai Hydro Electric Project with 51 MW capacity have been taken up under North Eastern Council funding. These two projects have been included in the National Action Plan as State Sector Project. Under the Central Sector schemes, the Tipaimukh Hydro Electric Project with 1500 MW capacity and Loktak Down Stream Hydro Electric Project with 90 MW capacity are being taken up.

6.2.      New Constructions and Upgradation of existing 132 KV Sub-Stations as also construction of a number of 33 KV Sub-Stations have been taken up under different programmes of fundings by the State and Centre. System Improvements of the Sub-Transmission System of (i) Greater Imphal, (ii) Thoubal, (iii) Bishnupur and (iv) Churachandpur are also being taken up under the Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (APDRP). The transmission and distribution losses will be reduced significantly on completion of these projects.

6.3.       Under the National Action Plan, all the villages are to be electrified by 2009 AD and electricity to all households is to be provided by 2012 AD. My Government has achieved 80.35% village electrification by electrifying 1909 villages (based on 2001 census). Programmes are afoot to electrify all the remaining villages also as early as possible. Under a Special Scheme, the defective distribution transformers will be replaced and wherever required, higher capacity transformers will be installed in 2006-07. While doing so, care will be taken that those areas where the power consumers pay electricity bills regularly, get priority.

6.4.      My Government is also committed to the Reform Programme of the Government of India. Under the Reform Programme the State Government has already signed the Agreement for setting up the Joint State Electricity Regulatory Commission for the States of Mizoram and Manipur.

7.         Provision of safe drinking water is an important requirement, for the general well being of the people. The growing population of Imphal city requires additional-water supply. The present drinking water demand for Imphal city and its suburbs has been assessed at 109 million litres per day against the actual availability of about 70 MLD only.

7.1.       To bridge the gap betwnn demand and supply in Imphal areas my Government has taken up the project “Augmentation of Water supply for  Imphal City, Phase-I” (29.50 MLD) at an estimated cost of Rs. 43.28 crores under NLCPR consisting of five sub-projects namely; Kangchup (9MLD completed in 2000), replacement of pipeline from Leimakhong to Kangchup and Kangchup to Iroisemba (completed in January, 2005), Irilbung (6.81 MLD), Canchipur (6.81 MLD) and Potsangbam (6.81 MLD). Irilbung and Canchipur projects are targeted for completion in March 2006, Potsangbam project has been taken up during 2005 and is targeted to be completed by December, 2006. In addition, improvement works of existing Ningthempukhri and Chinga Water Supply schemes have also been taken up during 2006. The construction of overhead tank (4.54 lakh litres capacity) near Asssembly Secretariat taken up as part fo improving the existing distribution system has been completed and commissioned on 29th January, 2006.

7.2.      Water supply schemes of the Government have so far covered 26 out of 35 towns under Accelerated Urban Water supply Programme (ARWSP). Upgradations of water supply in six towns have been achieved in the past. During 2005-06 the target is to cover five towns.

7.3.      My Government has also taken up various rural schemes under State Plan and Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme. During the current year 2005-06, it is targeted to cover 133 habitations (49 under State Plan and 84 under ARWSP). In addition, 670 schools will be covered with safe drinking water supply during the current year 2005-06. The achievement upto December, 2005 is 64 habitations.

7.4.      Augmentation of Water Supply schemes for five hill district headquarters are also taken up under NLCPR and three schemes are targeted to be completed during March 2006. Under the same programme of NLCPR, other water supply schemes at Mao, Maram. Tadubi, Kangpokpi, Saikul, Noney, Khoupum, Tamei and Chakpikarong in the hills and Waithoupat Scheme at Thoubal District have also been sanctioned by the Govt. of India an dare under implementation.

7.5.      The Government has also been taking up projects for improving the sanitary conditions of villages under the Total Sanitation Campaign by establishing Sanitation Marts. Women Sanitary Complexes, etc. and constructing Household Latrines in those villages where the projects are taken up.

8.         Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Manipur. In order to increase production and bring in quality, the Agriculture Department has been implementing various Centrally Sponsored Schemes during 2005-06 under the Macro Management Mode of Agriculture namely, National Pulses Development Project, Sugarcane, Oilseed Production Programme, All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project, All India Coordinated Wheat Improvement Project etc. for which Government of India released a sum of Rs. 8.00 crores as 1st installment during the year 2005-06. Twenty five Power Tillers and 10 Tractors were made available to farmers at subsidized rates during Kharif Season, 2005 apart from conducting training on Soil Testing, Crops Production Technology etc. during 2005-06 upto the end of January, 2006.

8.1.      With a view to tap the large potential available for development of Horticulture in the state, Department of Horticulture & Soil Conservation continues to take up schemes for horticulture development and soil & water conservation programmes both under State Plan and Centrally Sponsored Schemes.

8.2.      During 2005-06, 3739 hectares was covered with plantation of fruits, vegetables, spices, mushroom, flowers, medicinal and aromatic plants. A total of 3500 hectares have been treated under the scheme of Watershed Development Projects in Shifting Cultivation Areas and another 1200 hectares has been treated under the scheme of National Watershed Development Project for Rainfed Area.

9.         In respect of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry including Dairy Development, my Government is strengthening the animal health programme by opening one Mobile Veterinary Clinic at each district head quarters for providing health cares and breeding services at the door step of the needy farmers. Two Disease Diagnostic Laboratories at Bishnupur and Thoubal districts are also being strengthened to provide diagnostic facilities in these two districts.

9.1.      The Government is targeting to produce 7 lakhs layer and broiler chicks annually starting from 2006-07. Further, the Government is targeting Insemination of 50,000 cows under the cattle cross-breeding programme and also to revive the district piggery farms at Tamenglong, Chandel and Ukhrul Districts to produce more than 6000 piglets annually.

9.2.      The Government has completed renovation of Porompat Dairy Plant for 10,000 litres milk per day production capacity and also renovation of Moirang Milk Chilling Plant for 1000 litres capacity. The establishment of another Milk Chilling Plant at Sekmaijin for 2000 litres capacity is now under progress and will be commissioned by June, 2006 while another plant of 2000 litres capacity is being established at Kangpokpi during 2006-07. With these, the Imphal town can be fully supplied with pasteurized and clean milk.

10.       In order to boost fishery in the State, during the current year, 7,705 fish farmers have been given grants and 4,481 farmers given training through the Fish Farmers' Development Agencies under the Freshwater Aquaculture Development Scheme. 501 farmers are being given assistance for construction of houses at the rate of As. 40,000/- per house under the National Welfare Fund for Fishermen. Three numbers of jetties are also being constructed at Loktak Lake at a cost of As. 55.44 lakhs with loan from NABAAD under the Aural Infrastructure Development Fund to help the fishermen. My Government has taken up steps to preserve the indigenous fish species like Pengba, Ngaton, Ngakra, etc. and 5 lakh seeds of these species are being produced and stocked in the natural water areas.

11.       To achieve goal under PMGSY my Government has prepared and finalized Core Net Work Plan for the State in consultation with the Ministry of Aural Development envisaging connectivity to all the villages in the State in a phased manner on the basis of population in descending order.

11.1      Construction of 710.64 kilometres taken up under PMGSY Phase-II in 74 villages are targeted to be completed in March, 2006. Under PMGSY Phases III, IV and V, another 557 kilometres of road in 71 villages are going to be constructed during 2006-07 and 2007-08. The scheme will continue in the name of Bharat Nirman up to 2010. On completion of Bharat Nirman most of the villages in the State would be provided with batter road connectivity.

11.2.     My Government has also released As. 2575.95 lakhs for generation of 21.35 lakhs Mandays of employment during the current year under the Sampurna Gramin Aojgar Yojna (SGAY). Under Aural Housing Scheme a sum of As. 674.50 lakhs has been sanctioned for construction of 3996 lAY houses. A sum of As. 308.70 lakhs has also been released to assist 669 Self Help Groups to generate self employment and income generating,. activities. A sum of As. 18.00 crores has also been released under MLA Local Area Development Programme for infrastructure development in the 60 Assembly Constituencies of the State.

11.3.     Tamenglong District considered to be the most backward Districtin the State has been given due attention. Out of As. 15.00 crores earmarked under Rashtriya Shram Vikas Yojna, my Government has released Rs. 7.50 crores to the DRDA, Tamenglong for development of rural infrastructure. Steps have been taken up to implement the National Employment Guaranteed Act 2005 to provide 100 days wage employment in a year to all unemployed persons in Tamenglong District

11.4.     The State Institute of Panchayati Raj & Rural Development has been converted into an Autonomous State Institute of Rural Development during the current year. The Institute organized 85 training programmes so far in which 1735 elected representatives of Panchayati Raj Institutions and 1325 official functionaries participated in the various courses on rural development and allied activities.

12.       My Government is committed to conservation and protection of natural resources of the State including forest, wildlife and its unique habitat. Toward this end the Government has taken up plantation works over 2140 hectares under Soil and Water Conservation, Social Forestry and Koubru mudslide afforestation schemes under Forests and Environment Sector. To encourage plantation in private lands 4.50 lakh seedlings of various species were distributed during Vanamahotsava 2005. Maintenance of older plantations has also been carried out. Working Plans for Ukhrul and Chandel Districts, already approved by the Government of India are both under implementation with funding from 12th Finance Commission Award. Preparation of working plans in the rest of the forest divisions is also underway 

12.1.     Habitat improvements, energy plantation, protection measures such as fencing, fire line cutting, contour trenching, controlled burning and provisions of salt lick, water holes etc. have been carried out in Keibul Lamjao National Park and Yangoupokpi Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary. Habitat improvement measures have also been taken up in the proposed Kailam, Jiri Makru wildlife sanctuaries and Shiroy National Park. For better management of the only Zoo in the State, Manipur Zoological Garden Society had been constituted. The Society can now tap resources from the Central Zoo Authority of India, individuals, organizations etc. for its development.

12.2.     Road median plantation from Chingmeirong to Koirengei, establishment of Thangal General's Ecological Park at Mayangkhang in. Senapati District, Eco-development Park in Kangla, installation of two LED display in Imphal City and financial assistance to about 600 NGOs are achievements under Ecology and Environment Wing of my Government.

12.3.     It is also the endeavour of my Government to protect, conserve and develop Loktak Lake and restore it to its pristine glory. As a result of persistent efforts of my Government, DoNER has sanctioned Rs. 41.00 crores recently for integrated management and development of Loktak Lake. Removal of Phumdi and improvement of catchment areas are being carried out continuously by Loktak Development Authority (LDA). My Government is also in the process of introducing a bill to give legal status to LDA for effective protection and conservation of Loktak Lake 

13.       Khuga, Thoubal and Dolaithabi Multipurpose Projects taken up by the Irrigation and Flood Control Department could not be completed in time mainly due to fund constraints. After obtaining assurance from the Hon'ble Prime Minister during his visit in November, 2004 my Government submitted an Action Plan to the Planning Commission and Ministry of Water Resources to complete Khuga Project during 2006 and Thoubal and Dolaithabi Projects in 2008. The Planning Commission has agreed to provide additional fund under Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) for completing these projects and accordingly the original AIBP allocation for 2005-06 has been enhanced from Rs. 18.00 crores to Rs. 80.78 crores. A State matching share of Rs. 36.00 crores has also been provided for the completion of the above projects.

13.1.     The Plan allocation for the next year 2006-07 provides Rs. 166.42 crores under Major and Medium Irrigation for providing adequate funds for the completion of the Khuga Multipurpose Project by May, 2006 and Thoubal Multipurpose Project and Dolaithabi Barrage Project by 2007-08.

13.2.     The conventional method of taking up the flood control work in piece meal basis has been replaced by formulation of project specific schemes. As the Flood Control scheme is facing financial constraints and thereby affecting completion of the on-going projects, my Government has approached the North Eastern Council and Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India for funding specific critical flood control schemes outside the state plan. Under the Flood Control Schemes taken up from NEC funding, Imphal River Phase-I, Imphal River Phase-II and Thoubal River have been completed. Works on Iril River Scheme, Kongba River Scheme, and Tarang River are also progressing satisfactorily and will be completed by March, 2006 

13.3.    The Role of Minor Irrigation is to provide assured irrigation facility including supplemental irrigation in Rabi and Kharif seasons. Till now, the Department had created 54,186 hectares of Potential. A project consisting of 117 M.I. Schemes with Central Loan Assistance from Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India and another project of 157 numbers of M.I. Schemes under Loan Assistance from NABARD are being completed during the current financial year. The ultimate irrigation potential to be created by these projects is 10,500 hectares. Another project consisting of 211 MI Schemes with irrigation potential of 9389 hectares at a cost of Rs.28.00 crores has been submitted to the Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India for which sanction is expected during the year.

14.       Under the targeted Public Distribution System, the FCS Department procures TPDS Rice, Levy Sugar and TPDS Wheat from the Central pool and distributes them through the Fair Price Shops to the identified beneficiaries of APL, BPL and AAY categories. Under the Annapurna Scheme, 10,300 quintals of rice were ­distributed free of cost to 8590 beneficiaries.

15.        Hon'ble Members will agree with me that the Human Resource is the most valuable resource and my Government is seized of this matter. As a part of the Constitutional obligations of the Government, Universalisation of Elementary Education is being ensured through the flag-ship scheme of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA). During the year, text books worth Rs. 3.52 crores are being provided to 2.5 lakh students of SC/ST and all girls in the State from Class-I to VIII. 2818 challenged children are being provided with aids and appliances under SSA to enable them to lead normal life and go to school. Construction of 17 Block Resource Centres (BRCs) is completed and that of 17 BRCs is in progress, 11 Cluster Resource Centres is completed and that of 31 is in progress and 456 toilets/urinals are constructed and construction of 581 toilets/urinals is in progress. 3293 primary and Upper Primary teachers were given in-service training at district level and training for 1740 teachers is in progress.

15.1.     The State Government has taken steps to provide cooked food to all the school going children of primary stage both in Government and Aided schools with effect from 14.11.2004. The Meetei Mayek/Roman Script (Manipuri) is being introduced in Class I and II from this year Academic Session, 2006-07.

15.2.     My Government is committed to provide adequate facilities for teaching Science and Mathematics to the students, particularly in the Hill areas of the State for which the process for special recruitment of about 382 Mathematics and Science teachers has been started. Eight District Institutes of Education and Training are being run in the State in eight districts under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Restructuring and Reorganization of Teacher Education. The Adult Education Department has started implementation of the Total Literacy Campaign Programme from 2004-05 in all nine districts of Manipur.

15.3.     Manipur University was finally converted into a Central University with the Manipur Institute of Technology as its Constituent College with the promulgation of an Ordinance on 13th October, 2005. With this it is expected that the facilities and the quality of education available in the University will improve manifold. Adequate funds have been provided to develop university infrastructure. The University area has been properly demarcated and proper boundary wall is being constructed to provide secured environment for academic life.

15.4.     Further, my Government has taken up infrastructure development works in fourteen Colleges under Additional Central Assistance (ACA) and nine Colleges under NLCPR. Funds have been provided for development in other Colleges also in the Budget for 2005-06.

15.5.     It has been decided to start the Women Polytechnic from the next academic year with an intake of 20 students. 98 students have been selected for undergoing Degree courses and 30 for Diploma courses in Institutions outside Manipur. Works such as Modernisation of Laboratories and renovation of Hostel buildings and construction of new Library Block have been taken up and are in progress.

 16.       Science & Technology is the mantra of modern developments. My Government has taken up initiatives to utilize the IT tools in governance. In order to enable implementation of the National e-Governance Action Plan (NeGP), an e-Governance Roadmap, Capacity Building Roadmap and a Draft Project Report on Capacity Building for e-Governance is under preparation by National Institute of Smart Government (NISG), Hyderabad and is expected to be completed by February end. A 2-days Sensitisation Workshop on NeGP for Political Leaders and Policy Makers including all Heads of Department was held at Imphal in coordination with NISG, Hyderabad during the current year, 2005-06.

16.1.     Six more Community Information Centres are being added to the existing 33 numbers. These are to be located at Chakpikarong of Chandel District; Parbung, Thanlon, Saikot and Tuibong of Churachandpur District and Saitu Gamphazol of Senapati District.

16.2.     The Manipur Renewable Energy Development Agency (MANIREDA) set up under the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Manipur has electrified 90 remote villages through solar home lighting systems. Identification and detailed survey is in progress for 35 numbers of small hydro power and 15 numbers of wind energy potential sites. More than 4000 numbers of energy efficient smokeless chulhas were installed in rural households in various Districts. Electrification of three hill villages, namely, Tora in Ukhrul District, Songtal and Damdei in Churachandpur District each with 200 KW with Biomass gasifier systems is nearing completion.

16.3.     As per potential assessment, the renewable energy from various sources such as solar, small/mini/micro hydel, wind and biomass energy has been estimated at 664 MW. During 2005-06, MANIREDA has taken up Energy Demand Survey, Energy Potential Survey and it is presently taking up preparation of Integrated Energy Plan for the State of Manipur, Integrated District Energy Plan and Village Energy Security Plan.

17.       The Department of Art and Culture has acquired 4.642 acres at Palace Compound for construction of a Manipur Cultural and Convention Centre on the pattern of Vigyan Bhavan which will provide a complete infrastructure for organizing national and international conferences. The Convention Centre will also provide a platform for the artistes of the State to exhibit their talents.

17.1.     The Kangla was handed over to the people of Manipur by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India during, his visit to Imphal on 20th November, 2004. The renovation, land development and conservation of Shri Shri Govindajee Temple and Beithob and construction of Ibudhou Pakhangba Temple have been taken up with the assistance of the Central and the State Governments. Other historical monuments like Khongjom War Memorial, and Wangkhei Meiraba Monument have also been renovated. The Victorian Building used as Dispensary by the then Assam Rifles has been converted to Kangla Museum-cum-Interpretation Centre in order to give a glimpse of Kangla's importance through museum objects and models.

17.2.     The I.N.A. Museum, Moirang which was inaugurated in the year 2005 has a new separate reorganized gallery. Relevant maps and war relics have been elaborately displayed therein.

17.3.     The State Central Library building which was destroyed in a fire set by the miscreants last year has now started functioning on the first floor of the Manipur State Archives building, Keishampat. A Manuscripts Research Centre was opened at the State Archives, Imphal as a part of Manuscript Mission of Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts, New Delhi for preserving manuscripts of the State.

18.        The Department of Youth Affairs and Sports has been implementing various schemes/programmes relating to sports and youth activities like organization of tournaments, championships and coaching at different levels in various sport disciplines, multifarious youth activities, physical fitness programmes, and creation and development of sports infrastructure including development of playgrounds in rural areas. Incentive award for outstanding sportspersons, financial assistance to various sports associations etc. are also extended. The scale of financial assistance to State Level Sports Associations has been revised by enhancing the DA of the players from Rs. 40/- per head per day to Rs. 100/-.

18.1.     The Twelfth Finance Commission has .awarded a sum of Rs. 15.00 crores for upgradation of the facilities of the Khuman Lampak Sports Complex. Out of the TwFC award, an amount of Rs. 10.00 crores will be utilized for creation of additional infrastructure of the Sports Complex including establishment of the National Sports Academy which is being started from the next academic session. The remaining amount of Rs. 5.00 crores is earmarked as Gorpus Fund for Khuman Lampak Sports Complex Maintenance and Development Committee to ensure proper maintenance of the existing Khuman Lampak Sports Complex, Imphal.

19.        Under Land Reforms, a pilot project for computerization of land records of Porompat Circle in Imphal East District has been implemented and distribution of computerized copies of Record of Rights was introduced. My Government is implementing a Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Digitisation of Cadastral Survey Maps in Imphal East, Imphal West, Bishnupur and Thoubal Districts of Manipur at a total cost of Rs. 76.70 lakhs. My Government has also formulated a pilot project for computerization of registration of instruments of sales and mortgages of immovable property etc. in the office of the Sub-Registrar, Imphal West District. Resurvey operations are in full swing, and 198 villages in four districts namely Imphal East, Imphal West, Thoubal and Bishnupur have so far been covered.

20.        My Government is aware that the HIV/AIDS is a major health concern in the State. Accordingly, the Manipur State AIDS Control Society has been implementing various programmes in this area. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has launched its Project ORCHID in Manipur to supplement the efforts of the State Government. Also, Medicines Sans Frontiers, an International NGO based in Holland in collaboration with Manipur AIDS Control Society has started ART (anti retroviral therapy) for 500 AIDS patients in Churachandpur District.

20.1.     Special emphasis has been given to strengthen the medical infrastructure by sourcing additional funds from DoNER and NEC. Government of India has sanctioned Rs.149.92 lakhs for up-gradation of Emergency & Accident Services of J.N. Hospital. Another Accident & Trauma Centre for'NH-39 has also been awarded by Govt. of India for Senapati District Hospital at a cost of Rs. 112.76 lakhs and construction of a 100 bedded hospital at Thoubal costing Rs.24.80 crores funded by the Ministry of Urban Development has started.

20.2.     DoNER has approved a scheme for Rs.826.70 lakhs for providing health equipments for the District Hospitals and Community Health Centres in the State.

20.3.     The NEC has approved schemes worth Rs. 13.40 crores for strengthening of J.N. Hospital, Churachandpur District Hospital and for construction of a Nursing School with Hostel, during 2004-05. Improvement works for JN Hospital worth Rs.3.60 crores had been approved during 2004-05 under State Plan and works is in an advanced state of completion.

20.4.     For providing adequate accommodation for Doctors and Paramedical staff in the hill districts, a sum of Rs.20.01 crores has been earmarked in the year 2006-07 under SPA. This will help in providing better health care in hill areas. A 50 bedded hospital at Moreh funded under BADP has been completed and inaugurated on 28th January, 2006.

20.5.     Packages of services under Family Welfare Programme are being provided at Primary Health Sub-Centres, Primary Health Centres/Rural Family Welfare Centres (RFWCs), Community Health Centres and District Hospitals.

20.6.     The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) already launched in the State shall bring architectural correction in the management of the Health and Family Welfare schemes. A Society at district level shall manage the schemes/programmes. Active involvement of PRls, NGOs & District Civil Administration with support from management and financial consultants are envisaged in running the societies. One village lever worker designated as ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) will be selected per 1000 population under NRHM to act as an interface between the community and the Health service providers.

21.       The Department of Social Welfare will cover 43,619 and 26,907 aged persons under National Old Age Pension Scheme and Manipur Old Age Pension Scheme respectively at the rate of Rs. 75/- per month and Rs. 100/- per month per person respectively during 2005-06. Another 300 educated disabled persons will be given unemployment allowance and 1000 disabled persons will be granted financial assistance during this year.

21.1.     My Government has decided to set up a "Manipur Women Commission" for protection and safeguarding the Rights of the Women in the State. A Women Technology Park is being set up at Takyel Social Welfare Complex for providing vocational training and development of skill to the women for their economic empowerment during 2006-07.

21.2.     Nutrition Programme for Adolescent Girl (NPAG ) which is an earmarked Sector of the Government of India will be providing Supplementary Nutrition to 13,718 adolescent girls belonging to BPL families in Senapati District. The adolescent girls in the remaining 33 blocks will be covered in the coming years. The Department is providing regular supplementary feedings to a total of 3,39,333 beneficiaries throughout the State.

22.       The Handloom Sector continues to attract the due attention of the Government. Adequate funds have been provided in the State Plan to meet the State matching shares. A Trade Centre has been established at Porompat, Imphal to boost Border Trade.'

22.1.     The establishment of a Food Park Project which had been initiated during 2000-01 is proposed to be set up at Nilakuthi. The project will cost about Rs. 13.00 crores. A Term loan of Rs. 6.89 crores is being tied up through NABARD for the project. A Food Processing Training Hall at Porompat has also been inaugurated on 30.04.2005.

22.2.     The externally aided Manipur Sericulture Project was revived on 24th March, 2005 under a Revised Action Plan. The Project is now underway and has so far covered 1200 hectares under mulberry cultivation by 3000 farmers. 23 micro schemes are under implementation covering 1340 beneficiaries under the Catalytic Development Programme. The schemes will enhance silk yarn production and employment opportunities in the sericulture sector.

23.       Transport Department is an important revenue collecting Department and it realized a sum of Rs. 4.24 crores during last year, 2004-05 and Rs. 3.26 crores till date during 2005-06. Besides, the Department implements Motor Vehicle Act and Rules, Road Safety measures, Regulation of Traffic in consultation with Traffic Police. Steps are also taken up for introduction of High Security Registration Number Plate (HSRNP).

24.       The Municipal Administration, Housing and Urban Development Department (MAHUD) is making serious efforts to develop urban infrastructures in the State. My Government has undertaken major urban infrastructure projects with 100% Central assistance from the Government of India.

24.1      Construction of B.T. Road Flyover is targeted for completion by June, 2006. Construction of Thoubal Markets - A & B and Retaining Wall at Thoubal Market - A is being started. Construction of Modern Toilet Complex and installation of LED based modern Traffic Signals in Imphal City are being taken up shortly.

24.2.     Works have also been taken up for construction of Ima Market, New Market, Lakshmi Market, Jiribam Market and Market-cum-Multi-Utility Centre at Wangjing with 100% Central assistance from the Ministry of Urban Employment & Poverty Alleviation.

24.3.     With funds from the Government of India, Slum Upgradation Projects and augmentation of Street Lighting in the District and ADC Headquarters are taken up with ACA during 2005-06.

24.4.     The city of Imphal has been included in the list of cities which are to be provided assistance from Government of India under Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM). My Government is now in the process of formulating a City Development Plan for Imphal City so as to enable it to get funds under JNNURM.

25.       Due to questions raised about safety of tourists the Tourism Industry has not developed as it would have been. However, a perspective 20 years plan for tourism in Manipur has been prepared and my Government has started to take up projects step by step for development of Tourism in Manipur. Priorities will be given to projects like- (i) Development of Eco-Park with 18 holes Golf Course at Nongmaiching, (ii) Development of Integrated Tourism Destination, (iii) Development of Integrated Rural Tourism, (iv) Establishment of Hotel Management Institute and (v)Tourism Promotion and Publicity.

26.     The Directorate of Economics and Statistics has been acting as Nodal Agency for all statistical activities in Manipur. It has been conducting surveys under the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) and the 5th All India Economic Census under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India. The Directorate also has conducted Crop Estimation Survey in 34 blocks of Manipur for finding out the extent of area under various agricultural crops and for estimating production of cereal crops at the block levels. The Directorate has prepared Statistical Abstract of Manipur 2005 and Economic Survey, 2005-06 during the period under report. Printing of these reports is in good progress and the report on Socio-Economic Survey of Meitei Pangal (Manipuri Muslim) is now ready for release.

27.       The Department of Cooperation has been implementing various schemes and projects with the financial assistance from the Central Government under Centrally Sponsored Scheme and State Plan to generate economic growth of the urban and rural people and to strengthen the cooperative movement in the State. During 2005-06, a provision of Rs. 89.40 lakhs is earmarked for Share Capital contribution to various Cooperative Societies.

28.       The State Government after consultation with Gauhati High Court has approved the extension of the term of establishment of the two Adhoc Fast Track Courts with full Central Government financial assistance with effect from 1 .4.2005 to 31.3.2010 for speedy trial of the pending cases including important civil cases and cases involving women and aged persons.

28.1.     Recently, in December 2005 and January, 2006 the State Election Commission successfully conducted elections to eight Municipal Councils and eighteen Nagar Panchayats.

29.       The Department for Development of Tribals and Scheduled Castes, Manipur acts in a three dimensional approach, namely, (i) Protection of SC/ST people through provisions of the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 and the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, (ii) Promotion of socio-economic conditions of the SC/ST people through implementation of various developmental programmes and (iii) Preservation of rich cultural heritage of the SC/ST people through systematic collection, preservation and documentation.

29.1.     The Department has laid special emphasis on implementation of developmental and welfare programmes for the SC/ST people. There are three different sources of funding namely, (i) State Plan including Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub-Plan and Article 275(i) of the Constitution, (ii) Centrally Sponsored Schemes and (iii) Central Plan Schemes.

29.2.     During the financial year, 2005-06, under the State Plan a provision of Rs.2073.22 lakhs is available, out of which an expenditure of Rs.1306.39 lakhs has so far been incurred. Under Centrally Sponsored Scheme the Department expects to get about Rs. 1399.04 lakhs and so far expenditure for Rs. 64.00 lakhs has been incurred and under Central Plan Scheme As. 11.12 lakhs is available.

29.3      Altogether 2,995 ST families will get benefit from family oriented welfare programmes during 2005-06. Another 4,500 families will be covered during 2006-07. About 34,590 ST and 3,583 SC students will get Post-Matric Scholarship during 2005-06. Construction of Inter Village Roads, Bridges and Community Halls has also been taken up in the various Tribal and SC villages during the current year. Rs. 3.00 crores has been earmarked during 2006-07 for construction of School Building under the District Councils.

29.4.     My Government is now in the process of formulating a development plan for the District Councils so as to enable them to get funds from the Ministry of Urban Development.

30.       The Department of Minorities and Other Backward Classes (MOBC) has been taking care of the Minorities and Other Backward Classes communities since 2000. For betterment of the economic condition of these communities, my Government has taken up various income generating schemes for Economic and Skill Development. During the current year, 2005-06, a sum of Rs. 700.00 lakhs has been spent to take up various schemes to benefit 5100 beneficiaries. A sum of Rs. 746.91 lakhs is allotted in 2006-07. This will give benefit to 5700 beneficiaries.

30.1.     The Department has allocated Rs. 20.00 lakhs for providing roofing materials for construction of houses for families Below Poverty Line belonging to Minorities and OBC communities during this year.

30.2.     My Government also award Post and Pre-Matric Scholarships to poor students belonging to the Minorities and Other Backward Classes. Two new schemes for coaching viz. Remedial Coaching for Minority Students from Class VI to XII and Pre-Examination Coaching for Minority students appearing in Professional Courses Entrance Examination and Civil Services Examinations have been introduced during the current year.

30.3.     In order to make a reservation policy for OBCs in admissions in Professional Courses as well as in appointments in Government services in the State, my Government has constituted a Manipur State Commission for Other Backward Classes with effect from 17th August, 2005. The Commission is headed by a retired Judge of the Gauhati High Court with three Members and one Member Secretary.

31.       Employment Services are extended to the unemployed persons of the Statesince 1957. There are 5,24,174 unemployed persons as per Live Register upto November, 2005 including 1,36,679 females. Vocational Guidance was extended to 27,105 applicants.

31.1.     To create employment for the youths, the Self Employment Generation Programme (SEGP) has been implemented in the State involving the Deputy Commissioners and routing through the Manipur State Co-Operative Bank Ltd. A provision of As.70.00 crores is earmarked for 2005-06 and As.50.00 crores for 2006-07 targeting to provide employment to about 12,000 persons during these two years.

31.2.     In order to enhance scope for self employment for the youths, skills are imparted through the 9 existing Industrial Training Institutes in the State. As mentioned earlier, new ITI costing As. 4.30 crores has been approved for setting up at Ukhrul District Headquarters during 2006-07. The total intake capacity for all the ITls in the State is 1340 seats and the number of trades is 25.

32.       Hon'ble Speaker and Hon'ble Members of this august House, while addressing the first session of the new year, the highlights of some of the achievements and activities of my Government during the last one year, important ongoing projects and programmes and the outlines of policy, perspective and programmes that my Government proposes to implement in the coming years have been presented before you. I would like to conclude by reiterating that my Government is committed to the maintenance of peace and creation of conducive atmosphere for rapid socio-economic development of the people of the State. I hope that my Government will receive full co-operation of all the Hon'ble Members of this august House and the people of Manipur in this endeavour.

            I now, with all my best wishes, leave you to your deliberations.


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