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Imphal,  the 23rd August, 2004


No.5/3/2002-CON: In partial modification of the earlier allocation of portfolios to the Ministers and in  pursuance of Rule 6(l) of the Rules of Business  of the Government of Manipur, the Governor of Manipur on the advice of the Chief Minister, Manipur is pleased to make the allocation of Portfolios of the following Ministers and Minister of State (Ind.Charge)  as indicated below:-

A.    Shri O.Ibobi Singh,                                i)    Home
        Chief Minister                                      ii)    Finance
                                                                  iii)   General Administration Deptt.
                                                                  iv)   Personal & Admn. Reforms
                                                                  v)    Cabinet
                                                                  vi)   Planning
                                                                 vii)   Election
                                                                viii)   Departments not allocated to any other Ministers.

B. Ministers 

2.    Shri Th.Devendra Singh         -               i)    Works
       Cabinet Minister                                    ii)    Law and Legislative Affairs
                                                                 iii)    Revenue

3.   Shri Phungzathang Tonsing      -             i)    Irrigation & Flood Control
      Cabinet Minister                                    ii)    Hills & Tribal Development
                                                                 iii)   Transport

4.   Shri Ph.Parijat Singh                -            i)    Agriculture
     Cabinet Minister                                    ii)    Minor Irrigation
                                                                 iii)    CADA
                                                                 iv)    Arts & Culture

5.   Shri Gaikhangam                     -            i)    Power
      Cabinet Minister                                  ii)    Information & Public Relations
                                                              iii)    Horticulture & Soil Conservation

6.   Shri Ngamthan Haokip            -           i)    Food & Civil Supplies
      Cabinet Minister                                ii)    Forests & Environment
                                                            iii)    Science & Technology

7.  Shri N.Mangi Singh                  -           i)    Commerce& Industries
     Cabinet Minister                                 ii)    Sericulture
                                                             iii)    Fisheries
                                                             iv)    Weight & Measures
                                                              v)    Economics & Statistics

8.  Shri Govindas Konthoujam        -          i)    Public Health Engineering
    Cabinet Minister                                  ii)    Youth Affairs & Sports
                                                             iii)    Tourism

9.  Shri L.Nandakumar Singh         -           i)    Health
     Cabinet Minister                                 ii)    Family Welfare
                                                              iii)   Labour & Employment

10. Smt. W.Leima Devi                 -           i)    Cooperation
      Cabinet Minister                                ii)    Social Welfare

11. Shri Francis Ngajokpa            -           i)    Higher & Tech Education
      Cabinet Minister                                ii)    School Education
                                                            iii)    Adult Education
                                                            iv)    SCERT



12. Md.Alauddin Khan                -            i)    Minorities & Other Backward Classes
      Minister of State (Ind.Charge)-          ii)    Rural Development & Panchayati Raj
                                                           iii)    Veterinary & Animal Husbandry

(Jarnail Singh)
Chief Secretary
Government of Manipur

Memo No. 5/3/2002-CON: Imphal, the  123rd August, 2004

Copy to:

    1.    The Secretary to the Governor of Manipur, Raj Bhavan, Imphal
    2.    The Secretary to the Chief Minister, Manipur
    3.    The Private Secretaries to all Cabinet Ministers/Minister of State, Manipur.
    4.    The Advocate General, Manipur.
    5.    The P.S. to Chief Secretary, Govt. of Manipur.
    6.    The Additional Chief Secretaries/Principal Secretaries/Commissioners/Secretaries, Govt.of Manipur
    7.    The Director General of Police, Manipur.
    8.    The Accountant General, Manipur.
    9.    The Director of Information & Public Relations, Manipur.
   10.  The Director, Printing & Stationery, Manipur. He is requested to publish the Notification in the Manipur Gazette Extra ordinary and send 50 copies
           to the undersigned.
   11.   All Heads of Departments.
   12.   The Special Resident Commissioner/Deputy Resident Commissioners, Manipur Bhavan,  New Delhi/Kolkata/Guwahati.
   13.   Guard File.


(P.Bharat Singh)
Special Secretary (Cabinet)
Government of Manipur



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