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Subject Matter: Services (Recruitment in All India services) 
Adopted: 02.01.1979


“Consequent on the decision of the Government of India for introducing Scheduled Indian Languages in the examination for recruitment to the All India Services, those Indians whose mother tongues are not in Scheduled Languages will not only suffer but will be practically excluded from the arena.

The people from the North Eastern States in general and the communities in Manipur in particular will suffer heavily.

The people of Manipur in spite of their acute backwardness in qualitative education and lack of all facilities for entry in the All India Services are bracketed along with other general Caste candidates. As such till today only one youth from the valley of Manipur has been able to enter so far in the I.A.S. Cadre through open competition.

If the present formulation of the Government of India is implemented, it will create more hardship to the people of Manipur. The House therefore, resolves to urge the Government of India to allow the people of Manipur to appear at the entrance examination of All India Services and other allied Services in the various Ministries of Union Government in Manipuri Language and to urge the Government of Manipur to take up the matter with the Government of India for immediate implementation. The House further resolves to urge the Government of Manipur to move the Central Government for opening an examination centre of All India Services immediately at Imphal.” 


Dr. L. Chandramani Singh,
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