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Subject Matter: Photos in Assembly Hall 
Adopted: 11.04.1975 


“36 inches size photo of Chief Ministers of Manipur be placed in the Assembly Hall just at the left of the Speaker’s Chair and that from the inception of attaining full statehood, as a token of commemorating State Chief Ministers of Manipur, and also.

36 inches size photo of all Speakers of Manipur Assembly be hung on the right side of Speaker’s Chair as a token of commemorating Speakers of Manipur Assembly, and two separate Boards for panel of names of Chief Ministers and Speakers showing dates of appointment and cessation of tenure to be placed in the Assembly House as a token of remembering Heads of the Government and also Speakers of the Manipur Assembly.”

Resolved also that this practice is not against conventional practice of democratic Institutions/norms rules as such, Manipur State can very well put up the photos of their past and and present Chief Ministers and Speakers which will be an inspiring source for the coming generation.


Md. Alimuddin,
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