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Subject Matter: Training Institute of Central Services 
Adopted: 28.03.1980 


“Whereas the people of Manipur have themselves been running the administration of Manipur from time immemorial efficiently and effectively till the merger of Manipur with the Indian Union consequent upon the agreement signed on the 21st September, 1949 between the Government of India and the then Maharajah of Manipur.

Whereas Article (VIII) (3) of the said Merger agreement dated 21st September, 1949 between the Government of India and the then Maharajah of Manipur guaranteed that the Government of India undertook to make suitable provision for the employment of Manipuri in the various branches of Public Service and in every way encourage Manipuris to join them but the Government of India have failed so far to arrange for appointment of the Manipuris in high and important posts in the Government except in the case of scheduled tribes and scheduled castes. .

Whereas the virtual exclusion of the said non-scheduled Manipuris from All India Services (IAS/IFS/IPS etc.) have caused an imbalance in all respects viz. socially, economically, politically and administratively to the extent of threatening their further existence thereby causing, frustration, a sense of non-belongingness among the youth and politico-socio-economic unrest in the State of Manipur.

Whereas the immediate removal of the above imbalance may improve the politico-socio-economic conditions particularly in this area and generally in the country.

Therefore, the House resolves to urge the Government of India to open a pre-service Training Institute for all the population of the State, and an Examination centre for Central Services Examinations at Imphal and allot a quota for them in the Central Services so as to enable them to compensate the loss during the last 30 (thirty) years and to enable them to fully participate in the National life of the country in fulfillment of their desire and the said sacred Agreement.” 


Y. Yaima Singh, 
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