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Subject Matter: Condemnation

" This House in its sitting held on 29-5-2006 discussed the statement made by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Nagaland in his recent visit to Tadubi within the territory of Manipur on 25.5.2006 –

            (1)       that the Naga MLAs of Manipur should support the issue of the integration of the Naga inhabited areas under one administrative unit; and

            (2)       the declaration made by the Chief Minister of Nagaland for giving award to the two youths who welcomed the Chief Minister of Manipur with festoon –

                                                                                             'WELCOME TO SOUTH NAGALIM

                                                                                                            SHRI IBOBI SINGH

                                                                                                     HON'BLE C.M., MANIPUR'

                                                                              when the Chief Minister visited Senapati District on 22.5.2006.

             The House seriously viewed such statement made by the Chief Minister of Nagaland and considered it to be one which attempts to bring into hatred or contempt as well as disunity between the people of the neighbouring two states. Such statement is considered to be an act of irresponsibility which is far below the dignity of a Chief Minister of a State.

            While condemning such an act of the Chief Minister of Nagaland the House unanimously resolved to apprise this fact to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India and his Council of Ministers to advise the Chief Minister of Nagaland to refrain from such acts in the greater interest of promoting peace and harmony in the region without disturbing their respective territorial integrity which continued to be maintained from time immemorial."            

 Dr.Md.Maniruddin Shaikh

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