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Subject Matter: Contempt of House 
Adopted: 29.07.1999 


“The House unanimously resolved that the implementation process, which had led to the Criminal Original contempt petition No.6 of 1998 of the Gauhati High Court against Shri E. Kunjeswar Singh, Revenue Minister, Shri D.V.Singh, Commissioner Revenue and Shri Saichhuana, Principal Secretary (Revenue) had been taken up in accordance with the recommendation given by the House Committee and accordingly the matter be apprised to the Hon’ble High Court, Imphal Bench.

II. That as the Secretary of the Kombirei Housing Co-operative Society has filed a proceeding of the criminal contempt [case no.6] against the said three persons, the matter as to whether the act amount to a contempt of the House be referred to the Privilege Committee. 

III. That the most delicate issue of encroachment of jurisdiction between the Legislature and the Judiciary in the context of the present discussion is entrusted to the Hon’ble Speaker for reference to the Parliament. The House has authorised the Hon’ble Speaker to refer this issue to the Parliament to give its opinion on the encroachment of power and function between the Legislature and the Judiciary. 

A House committee consisting of the following members to assist the Speaker be constituted in pursuance of the resolution No.III. 

(1) Shri W. Nipamacha Singh, Chief Minister, 
(2) Dr. L. Chandramani Singh, Deputy Chief Minister, 
(3) Prof. Gangmumei Kamei, Law Minister, 
(4) Shri I. Hemochandra Singh, MAHUD Minister, 
(5) Shri Chungkhokai Doungel, Deputy Chairman, State Planning Board, Manipur 
(6) Shri R.K.Ranbir Singh, M.L.A., 
(7) Shri Radhabinod Koijam, M.L.A., 
(8) Dr. Nimaichand Luwang, M.L.A., and 
(9) Shri N.Mangi Singh, M.L.A.” 



K. Babudhon Singh,
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