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Subject Matter: Regularisation of Employees 
Adopted: 30.06.1978 


“The House is aware that a large number of State Government employees holding regular posts in all the Departments of the State Government who have put in more than 5(five) years services are not yet declared permanent and also a large number of casual workers who have put in more than l (one) year’s continuous services are still uncertain for regularisation of their services.

A sense of insecurity prevails among these employees resulting in the deterioration of efficiency in service in general. This House, therefore, resolves to urge the Government to take up the following steps:

  • (a) 80% of the sanctioned posts of the categories in the State Services (both plan and non plan) be declared permanent and confirmation of employees holding such permanent posts (or more than 5 (five) years be implemented within the Current financial year.

  • (b) All casual employees in all Departments who were recruited by a regular Government D.P.C. and had put in more than 1 (one) year’s service continuously be regularised within the current financial year.

  • (c) All Muster-roll workers in P.W.D., Irrigation, Public Health Engineering, Electricity, Medical & Public Health Departments who have put in 3 (three) Years continuous services be converted into work-charged employees and facilities of work-charge staff be extended to them.”


Dr. L. Chandramani Singh,
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